Secure, collaborative data management for clinical research teams.

Reliable data is paramount to the success of clinical research. The ResearchMD platform allows for simple yet rigorous definition of study protocols—providing user-friendly data capture, thorough input validation, best-practice security, and multi-investigator access.


Your Needs

The ResearchMD platform has been built with extensive input from experienced clinician researchers.

Privacy From the Ground Up

Sophisticated encryption mechanisms protect your sensitive information.

Thorough Protocol Definition

Rigorous data validation results in significantly happier statisticians.


Team-based, shared workflow with strict security and access controls.

Personalised Support

An expert team with highly applicable, cross-disciplinary experience.

Fine-Grained Version Control

Automated tracking of every data-point for every patient.

Mobile & Tablet Friendly

Data capture at your convenience with device-agnostic user interfaces.


Data Integrity

Spreadsheets are easy to use and widely accessible, but their ad hoc nature makes them error prone—particularly as data sets grow. Formal databases ensure rigorous data formats and validation rules, but require specialist knowledge to reliably set up and maintain. Our platform combines the benefits of each as a means of improving clinical research.


Information Security

Our sophisticated use of encryption is such that information can only be retrieved with access to a user account with specifically granted secret keys and permissions. Protocols can be configured in a manner whereby not even ResearchMD staff can access unencrypted information.


Our People

Cross-disciplinary experts ensure best practices whilst understanding the needs of the clinician-researcher.
Dr Arran Schlosberg
Dr Arran Schlosberg
MBBS, BCom - Actuarial
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A/Prof Rory Clifton-Bligh
A/Prof Rory Clifton-Bligh
Clinical Advisory
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Jake Shepherd
Jake Shepherd
BSc - Electrical Engineering
Technical Advisory
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Affordable Options

ResearchMD's primary focus lies in enhancing clinical outcomes.
We understand how difficult it is to obtain funding for research, and utilise our commercial packages to support collaborations.
Each commercial package is tailored to your needs with prices reflecting particular circumstances.

Free of Charge


  • Shared scientific recognition
  • Ideal for small studies
  • Commercial-grade functionality

Custom Pricing


  • Ideal for clinicians and practices
  • Preemptively collect data
  • Prepare for future hypothesis testing

Custom Pricing


  • Retain full credit
  • Multiple studies / lead investigators
  • Custom-built functionality